New to Move&

Are you new to Move&?

Embark on your first-time experience with confidence as we guide you through everything you need to know.

Our classes cater to all fitness levels, including beginners, and span various intensities. So rest assured, our skilled instructors will guide you through an empowering movement session.

3 Step Process To Get You Moving

1. Buy Your Intro Offer

If you are new to Move&, make use of our Intro Offer to explore the variety of services we have on offer.

2. Book Your First Class

If you have yet to read our different class styles, head to the classes page and find what type suits you. Or head to the schedule and select your class! Easy!

3. Download The App

Download the Momence app. The app allows you to make purchases, view schedules, and book, modify and cancel classes. It makes the entire process hassle-free.

Log in with your email and password you set when buying your Intro Offer.

Be Prepared for Your First Visit

There is ample parking near both of our studios. See more details on parking at Footscray or Williamstown.

Class Prep
Our classes are to schedule so please arrive on time to not miss out. If it’s your first class, please arrive 10 minutes before the start time. Check in with our wonderful team, so we can get you set up.

What to bring

Water bottle
Grip socks (for reformer classes)
Sweat towel
For mat classes, you are welcome to bring your own mat

It’s your workout! Do what feels right for your body on that particular day.

Facilities: Make use of our facilities and freshen up after an amazing workout. Our studios have:

Change rooms and showers



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FAQs: Want to Know More?

Are any questions left unanswered? Our FAQs section will be sure to help you further.

Yes, as a newcomer to Move& enjoy our Intro Offer, 4 classes for $49, to use over two weeks. This offer is only available to new clients of Move& and activates on the first booked class.

Yes, we do. We offer 10% student discounts on packs.

Note that the 10% discount does not apply to “Intro Offers”, or any already discounted packages, memberships, drop-in classes or products.

To redeem a student discount on your pack, you will need to email with your valid student card and to receive your discount code.

If you are a beginner to reformer pilates our Move& Develop classes are the best for you! For the mat pilates and yoga classes, all classes are beginner friendly.

You can attend any of our reformer pilates classes up until 20 weeks pregnant. After this, however, your options of classes to attend are the Move& Develop *pregnancy friendly or Move& Mumma (Pre & Post Natal Pilates). For our mat classes and gym classes you are welcome to attend any class up to 20 weeks. We ask you to seek advice from your healthcare team in regards to your own personal pregnancy and the safety of you attending classes.

Please notify the instructor at each of your classes of your pregnancy. Any information received will be kept confidential and modifications for pregnancy will be delivered with the utmost discretion.

We welcome you back to classes once you have received clearance to return to exercise from your GP/Obstetrician, often discussed at your 6-week check-up.

Yes, we allow anyone 12 years or older to participate in our group classes. If you are interested and you are between the ages of 12 and 16 years, you will need to be accompanied by an adult for each of your classes. Anyone over the age of 16 years, is able to complete group classes independently.

If a class is full, we recommend joining the waitlist. Waitlists tend to move so there’s a good chance you’ll make it into the class! If a position becomes available you will be automatically added to the class and receive a SMS/email to let you know.

Ensure you have allowed communication via email and text in your Momence Account to ensure that you are informed as soon as possible of any updates to your waitlist status.

You need to keep your waitlist up to date – if you can no longer attend a class you are waitlisted for, please remove yourself from the waitlist. Please be mindful that if you are waitlisted for an early morning class a position may become available overnight. If you choose to no longer be available for the early morning class before you go to bed, please remove yourself from the waitlist.

Anything that allows you to exercise freely without obstructing your movements… Our recommendations include gym tights, shorts, t-shirts, singlets etc

For reformer pilates grip socks are recommended, these anti-slip socks prevent you from slipping on the equipment.

If you do not currently own a pair of grip socks, you can purchase them at Move& Studios. If you already own a pair, bring them along.

We provide complimentary mats, but you are welcome to bring your own mat.

When using our mats, we provide disinfectant spray and cloth for cleaning your borrowed mat after use.

After signing up for a Move& account, download the Momence App. Once in the app, go to the Store, Select “Memberships” or “Packages”, and select “Buy” on the item you wish to purchase.

You have up to 6 hours prior to the start time of your class to cancel from a class. Cancellations outside the 6 hour window are credited back into your account to make another booking. Cancellations within the 6 hour window are automatically deducted from your pack or membership. For Unlimited Memberships, cancellation within 31 minutes to 6 hours before the class a $5 fee is charged, for cancellations within 30 mins before the class start time a $15 fee is charged.

Please note, cancellations can only be done via your Momence account. We do not accept cancellations via social media, phone or email.

We understand emergencies happen, if something completely unforeseen has occurred and you’ve been charged for a class, please email and we will assist you in this case.

Yes, you can! We need two weeks’ written notice (to to pause memberships. Pauses must be made in seven (7) day increments and can only be done after an initial eight (8) week period. Pausing your membership is limited to a maximum of ten (10) weeks per year.