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How do I book classes?

Log in to your PT Minder account. If you’re yet to make one click the “Sign Up” button to create a new account – this can be found on our website at www.moveand.com.au
Select “Bookings” – Select “Classes” – Select the date and time – Then click “Book”.
You can choose to book classes via the web version of PT Minder or on the app.

Due to our small class sizes, we recommend booking in advance as classes tend to fill up quickly. If you choose to drop in, we may not be able to accommodate you.

In the unlikely event Move+ cancels a class, we will notify you immediately. The class credit will be placed back on your account.

If a class is full, we recommend joining the waitlist. If a position becomes available you will be automatically added to the class.

Ensure you have allowed communication via email and text in your Move+ PT Minder App Account to ensure that you are informed as soon as possible of any updates to your waitlist status.

We recommend keeping your waitlist up to date – so that if you can no longer attend a class you were waitlisted for, please remove yourself from the waitlist. Please be mindful that if you are waitlisted for an early morning class a position may become available overnight. If you choose to no longer be available for the early morning class before you go to bed, please remove yourself from the waitlist.


Yes, we have a New Client Intro Offer this is Unlimited Classes for 2 weeks for $50. This offer is only available to new clients of Move+ and begins on your selected Activation Date.

Yes we do. We offer 10% student discounts off all Pilates Packs.

Note that the 10% discount does not apply to new client intro offers, any already discounted packages, memberships, drop in class or products.

To redeem a student discount on your Pilates Pack, you will need to email hello@moveand.com.au with your valid student card and you will receive your discount code.

Download the PT Minder App or head to our website and sign up to a Move+ account. To purchase a pack of the app go to the Store – Select “Packages” – and select “Buy” on the package you wish to purchase.

Download the PT Minder App or head to our website and sign up to a Move+ account. To purchase a pack of the app go to the Store – Select “Memberships” – and select “Buy” on the Membership you wish to purchase.

Using your PT Minder app – click “Finances” – select “My Purchases” – select “Packages/Memberships” – in the bottom left corner of the package it will give you how many classes you are yet to allot. Please note: bookings ahead of time, in which the package has been allotted to these classes will be included in the number of classes you have used.

As a rule, we do not extend packs, however there are sometimes extenuating circumstances that we do allow for. Please email hello@moveand.com.au and we will assist you in exploring the possibility of an extension.

The class packs have a very reasonable timeframe in which to use the classes, we do suggest however to buy the package as close to the first class you wish to attend as possible. As the date of purchase is the date in which the pack will validate from.


You have up to 6 hours prior to the start time of your class to cancel and avoid paying for the class you booked. Cancellations outside the 6 hour window are placed back into your account for next time. Cancellations within the 6 hour window are automatically taken from your pack or membership.

Please note, cancellations can only be done via your PT Minder App or your Move+ account on our webpage – we do not accept cancellations via social media, text, phone call or email.

If there is an emergency and you have been charged for a class, please email hello@moveand.com.au and we will assist you in this case.


We want to keep our reformer pilates classes exciting, intimate and still technique conscious. This is why we have a maximum of seven people per class. So you can expect your Pilates Instructor to work your whole body, encourage you to take your next challenging progression, but also keep a close eye on your technique.

It is always starting something new! You should try and arrive 5 minutes before your class starts. This allows you time to store your belongings, set up on the reformer and meet your class instructor. When you meet your instructor, let them know of any current injuries or past injuries that may impact you during exercises.

A note on class etiquette is to ensure you are at your class on time. If you arrive late to your class, feel free to enter and pick up from where the class is at. It is strongly recommended that you arrive on time for your safety, as all classes have a warm up that allow the body to slowly prepare for the class.

Pilates is another form of exercise. It can provide you variety to your current exercise routine, it can be a progression point to other exercises. And to be honest, it is another opportunity to get you working your heart and muscles, to get you fit and stronger.

At Move+, we have created class types that fit most of the population. So our classes are suitable for most individuals, no matter your age, gender, body type, ability or exercise history. Within the class itself, please feel free to take more frequent rest breaks or continue at the lower level of the exercise. There is no need to feel pressured to keep up with the class, take it at your own pace, we are sure you’ll build from there and within your own time you can progress.

That being said, Reformer Pilates may not be for everyone. That is why we have a New Client Intro Offer, that allows you to explore the world of Reformer Pilates for two weeks and see if it is right for you. We are confident you will love it though!

It really depends on you, your current exercise routine and current goals. Generally speaking, the goal for all individuals is to exercise on most days per week, encompassing a mixture of exercises and activities e.g. walking, cycling, weight training, Pilates, etc.

If you are new to Pilates, most individuals find two to three classes a week enabling them to get their body familiar with the new exercises and movements, and enough time to recover from each session.

If you have a current injury, the first point of call is to be assessed by a physiotherapist. The last thing we would want is for you to cause yourself further injury, or miss most of the class because your injury doesn’t allow you to complete all the exercises.

If you have an existing injury, but are not sure whether pilates is appropriate, please email hello@moveand.com.au and we will do our best to guide you.

You can attend our group pilates classes up until you are 20 weeks along. After this however, we recommend that you seek an alternate form of pilates. Please notify the instructor at each of your classes. Any information received will be kept confidential and modifications for pregnancy will be delivered with the utmost discretion.

We ask that you wait until after you have received clearance from your GP/Obstetrician at your 6 week check up.

Yes, we allow anyone 12 years or older to participate in our group classes. If you are interested in doing Reformer Pilates and you are between the ages of 12 and 16 years, you will need to be accompanied by an adult during your class. Anyone over the age of 16 years, is able to complete group Pilates classes unattended by an adult.

Our recommendations are gym tights, shorts, t-shirts, singlets…. anything that allows you to exercise freely without obstructing your movements.

Attire specific to Reformer Pilates are grip socks. Grip socks are anti-slip socks that prevent you from slipping on the equipment when doing standing based exercises. If you do not currently own a pair of grip socks, you can purchase them at Move+ Pilates Studio Williamstown. If you already own a pair, feel free to bring them along.


Move+ Pilates Studio is located at 75 Stevedore St, Williamstown, 3016.

All streets close to the pilates studio have free parking. If you want to ensure you get a parking spot, we would recommend parking at the parking area behind Coles (enter from Ferguson St).