Classes - Moveand.


Let’s get moving.

At Move and we have classes to suit everyone’s needs. Classes will be layered, so whether you’ve never been on the reformer before or you and the reformer are BFF’s; there’s a class for you. If it’s your daily dose of movement you’re after, we’ve got you covered.

Move+ Develop

No matter your level, this reformer pilates class is a perfect way to move the body. This class uses the fundamentals of pilates; the art of control, the skill of alignment, and the development of the mind-body connection. Beginners to advanced and all levels in between will thrive in this class. The classes fundamental movements will allow you to master pilates movements with the ideal form and improve your experience in each of our reformer classes.

Move+ Sweat

This reformer pilates class takes you through an array of intensities. The heart rate is lifted with use of the jumpboard, but is also levelled out by slower, more thoughtful movements. You’ll sweat, you’ll strengthen in this all-in-one session.

Move+ Burn

This class uses the reformer springs strategically paired with higher repetitions to bring a total body endurance workout. This class will stretch, lengthen and tone the lower body (feel the burn in the glutes, hamstrings and quads) as well as the upper body (think the shoulders, triceps and upper back). Oh and of course the core, we couldn’t leave that out could we?! You’ll know the next day you’ve worked your whole body.

Move+ Mumma

Perfect for soon-to-be and new mummas. These sessions are completely tailored for up to 18 months postnatal and most pregnancies up to 34 weeks. Move+ Mumma classes can be safely practiced pre- and post-pregnancy. These sessions help to maintain/redevelop strength, focus on balance and will help you to continue moving or rediscover your love of movement again. You’ll be encouraged to do as much as you feel comfortable. We welcome you to come along after getting approval from your medical practitioner after birth. Typically classes can be attended up to 34 weeks pregnant.