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Williamstown Pilates

Move+ (pronounced as “Move and”) provides reformer Pilates classes which are a whole body movement practice, this keeps sessions interesting and challenging.

Remember as a kid when you used to run and jump, just for the hell of it?! You did it because you enjoyed it, not because you were made to do it! At Move+, we believe everyone can find that love of movement again! And we believe reformer pilates is that, to a lot of people.

Reformer classes are energising so that you feel strong, empowered, and more present. You’ll find our Pilates Studio in the centre of Williamstown.


Class styles

Move+ Develop

No matter your level, this reformer pilates class is a perfect way to move. The classes fundamental movements will allow you to master pilates movements with the ideal form and improve your experience in each of our reformer classes.

Move+ Mumma

Perfect to find movement that is ideal for you during your pregnancy or after giving birth. These classes allow you to rediscover movement that feels good for your changing body. These sessions are modified to be safely practiced and help maintain or regain strength and continue to move or start exercising again. You'll be encouraged to do as much as you feel comfortable to. It's time to feel energised by movement!

Move+ Sweat

This reformer pilates class takes you through an array of intensities. The heart rate is lifted with use of the jumpboard, but is also levelled out by slower, more thoughtful movements. You'll sweat, you'll strengthen in this all-in-one session.

Move+ Burn

This class uses the reformer springs strategically paired with higher repetitions to bring a total body endurance workout. Working the upper and lower body, as well as the core. You'll know the next day you've worked your whole body.